Tuesday, June 20, 2006

If you are Selling Your Home Please READ CAREFULLY!

Here are several tips to help you sell your listed home in record time.

(1.) Offer a realtor bonus. Realtors prefer to receive bonuses over higher commission rates because many brokerages do not require real estate agents to split their bonuses with the firm. Add together the total commission for the selling agent and the bonus, and in the “Comments” section of the MLS listing announce “Selling agent can make $xyz on the sale of this home!!!” in bold print!

(2.) Hold an open house/luncheon for real estate brokers. Serve a catered lunch and offer a door prize. When you connect with a real estate agent or broker, you have the potential to reach every client that agent has! You have leveraged your outreach. This is so much more successful than an open house for buyers which usually only succeeds in getting new clients for the listing agent.

(3.) Consider your price. 80% of all sales are price driven, and all the advertising in the world will not sell a home that is priced wrong for its market. Remember that with each month that passes, you are paying another month’s interest on your current mortgage, with no increase in your sales price to recoup that money. Listing time is your money. Listen to your listing agent and price your home to move from the beginning! You can save several months interest on your current mortgage and wind up with more netted money in your pocket that waiting while trying to get the highest price for your property.

(4.) Consider a range of value listing. Instead of a single listing price, consider using a range of value. You agree to entertain all offers between $x and $y. This will get you more offers sooner, and is a great way to see what the market will bear for your property. It also encourages “bidding wars” between potential buyers, since buyers are reluctant to let a property go, once they have made an offer and connected emotionally.

Good luck and happy selling!

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